“We need to manage our distribution channel and sales force” 

—Salman’s Corp.

The Problem.

Salman’s Corporation (Pvt.) Ltd is a known corporate business settled in the capital Islamabad. Salman’s corporation has a lot to manage with a giant network of distributors across the country that includes a large salesforce and distribution centers. Unfortunately, the sales team and the distribution network was relying on paper-based records that had grown into an unorganized and hectic task to manage. This huge network required an Android-based solution that was easy to implement considering the usability issues. We identified discrepancies in their existing network and solved them using modern technologies

How We Solved It.

Our design team came up with a simpler frontend but a complex backend solution that used machine learning and made real-time decisions. The app generated sales reports and shared the data over the network. The application checked stocks remaining in the stores and ultimately notified the salesperson to go check-in with the store. The sales management followed a hierarchical approach where the lead could add tasks for the sales team that made task management feasible. The application had a geo-tagged attendance module that used a physical location of the destined store, generated commissions and ranked the salesforce accordingly.

What We Did.

  • Digital Product Development
  • User Experience Design


Since the deployment of the application, it has been tested across various smartphones and the results until now have been great. Our solution has been adapted and implemented by Salman’s corporation and has been playing a crucial role in driving their sales.

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