Content Consistency in User Experience: One Simple Rule of Customer Retention

Posted on March 4, 2019

According to Forrester, a consistent customer experience helps builds a trusted brand. Are you doing just the right things to build your brand? Or you are just doing things and praying to God to make them right. I really don’t criticize any of the two approaches, the best I can do is show you how to mitigate risk and take steps that’ll quantify your efforts and ensure better productivity.

User Experience and Consistency — What’s the Catch?

Your brand is a promise you’ve done with your customers, and your interaction with your customers and consumers is the interpretation of your promise. Think it this way, nobody likes a person who interprets promises in his own tweaked manners, right? You must be sure your customers get what you’ve promised and what they’ve expected of you.


Having a consistent user experience across all points of interactions with your customers, consumers and visitors are indispensable in maintaining an active recurring customer base. Apple Inc. has aced this particular area. They deliver a consistent user experience every time a customer interacts with them, as a result, they’ve acquired high levels of Brand Trust.

Content Centered Marketing – Now is the time.

It’s important to have a resonating content creation strategy and a coherent team of content creators. It helps you in the following ways

  • Audience Retention

Your visitors are your future clients, and your content is your Don Draper from Mad Men. Bold, Consistent and Coherent content helps achieve better audience retention and eventually generates leads.

  • Better Social Media Traction

Achieving cross-platform interoperable content strategy is the ultimate goal of content marketing. Harnessing the power of a huge foot-fall on social media and converting them to your web-platforms accelerates user engagement. Keeping your visitors in-loop ensures an active sales pipeline.

If you are a business who is putting a lot of effort into your content creation and digital presence but aren’t able to generate business despite having a decent follower base. You must review and audit your content and reconsider content consistency and coherence on all your points of customer interactions.

If you think you need a second opinion or want us to audit your content marketing strategy. We are one click away.

By Hamid Mukhtar Chishty

As Enou's sales executive, Hamid has been actively working in the digital marketing space. With a background of Marketing and Technology, he speaks the language of business and makes it sound like music.

Enou is a design centered agency based in Lahore. Our mission is “To reinforce businesses and start-ups by creating value in their work, through our digital services” and the driving force that keeps us motivated is our desire for perfection. We truly believe in the transformative power of illustration and design and their ability to simplify communications, elevate experiences, engage and inspire people because in the end, what they see is what they believe!

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