Samsung Galaxy Fold: Tech Review

Posted on March 3, 2019

Samsung just announced that they will launch their first ever folding phone in April 2019, and with its announcement, everybody has gone like WOW. What is that?


Yeap, that’s how all our tech-savvy friends, and unboxing Youtube Vloggers responded to it but still, there are questions that are needed to be answered.

Keeping things in consideration like usability and price, is that really a wow? Let’s find out, in this blog!

Foldable Screen

The screen size is humongous, HUGEE! “4.6-inches Super AMOLED QXGA Dynamic” and whatnot. Like, we are just users, let’s keep it simple. The inches just works fine for us.

But, things really don’t get summed up here, it has a dual screen, a tall 4.5-inch 840 x 1960 screen on the outside or front of the device, and a foldable 7.3-inch 1536 x 2152 display on the inside. Now that sounds amazing!

User Interface Design

Now here comes, some really interesting things, During their Developer’s conference, Samsung revealed  that its foldable phone will have multiple UI’s depending on, whether the device is folded or unfolded and guess what, that’s not really it, the device will use continuity between the displays, meaning if you are using something on the front screen, the app will automatically open on the larger display. Now that really Interesting!!

Battery Life

Now there have been rumors revolving around lately, that Samsung will produce batteries with larger ranges spanning from 6000 to 900 mAh later this year. Now that’s huge.


Hopefully, The device would use  Snapdragon 8150 (Snapdragon 855) chipset in relation to Samsung’s folding Android phone.


As per the news in the air, this unique setup would consist of a dual camera + wide angle setup. I believe this recent change in the hardware would do wonders, if technically arranged, keeping in view customer satisfaction.

Market Competition

Now with that being said, that question that arises up here is, how much does Samsung need to worry about its market competitors, because as per the recent news, the folding phone is really a new concept in the market. With Tech Giant like LG and Huawei jumping in, there is surely room for innovation, I think this is something that will make Samsung worried.

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