Should SMEs Hire Digital Marketing Agencies or Build an in-house Team?

Posted on February 27, 2019

Ever since social media penetrated into the business world, keeping a solid digital presence has become essential for all sorts of businesses. Big brands and Multinational corporations often have in-house teams to manage and maintain their online image and build a framework for marketing and advertising. Small or medium scale businesses, on the other hand, are often indecisive when it comes to Social Media Marketing.

In this article, I’ve tried to highlights solutions to most of the pain-points of SMEs who are looking for a brand building on social media and its key enablers. Here’s a candid discussion on parameters that you should compare when making agency versus in-house team decision

Let’s talk money first, in the initial stage, your digital spend is purely an overhead on your businesses expenditures. Having an in-house team that can generate results require a proper hierarchical team of designers, schedulers and managers. Which can cost you around $4,500 — $8,000 per month depending on how much can you compromise on quality. Digital agencies, on the other hand, have 2-3 price structures and you can pick whichever meets your needs, and you only pay for what you get. Packages range from $1,000 — $3,000.

Furthermore, Content Quality and Consistency is what covers the success of any social media campaign. Agencies often have a complete range of skilled individuals to meet all of your requirements. In the house, teams require a proper hierarchy to deliver quality services which can increase expenses. One perk of having an in-house team is that you hire professionals by vetting them personally and then make them work closely with you. Consequently, this keeps on adding time and money liabilities on your business. On low-budget, and high-quality constraints agencies are the perfect go-to option.

Agencies help you achieve parallelism in your business procedures and make your work super efficient. You can save your time and resources by outsourcing the marketing processes and letting a digital marketing agency focus on what they do best and provide you quality services. All this without micromanaging or spending huge sums of money in form of salaries.

Social media agencies are niche-oriented specialized professionals giving you a guarantee of quality work. They know where to start, which platforms to use, what type of audience to target, and what kind of content is required. Instead of working out plans, you just have to pinpoint the targets you aim to achieve and it’s their job to deliver in given constraints.

Here’s a little sneak peek of our social media marketing projects, you might wanna have a look. Also if you feel like getting a more personalized opinion feel free to share what’s on your mind.

By Hamid Mukhtar Chishty

As Enou's sales executive, Hamid has been actively working in the digital marketing space. With a background of Marketing and Technology, he speaks the language of business and makes it sound like music.

Enou is a design centered agency based in Lahore. Our mission is “To reinforce businesses and start-ups by creating value in their work, through our digital services” and the driving force that keeps us motivated is our desire for perfection. We truly believe in the transformative power of illustration and design and their ability to simplify communications, elevate experiences, engage and inspire people because in the end, what they see is what they believe!

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