It Happened.

Conception is now ENOU, but that’s not it…

We consider it nothing less than a metamorphosis. The tale of this transformation is pretty interesting on our end and it equally influence your part of the story too. So relax and assume a soothing posture and we’ll walk you through every step of our evolution.

Cause — The very first thought of it

It is often said that ‘Change is inevitable’ and time encompasses and governs everything around us. Therefore, its indispensable to adapt and improvise with the change. When we realized that our over-all outlook about work and progress has become stagnant and we have become less experimentative in our approach, that was the very moment we considered rebranding for the first time.

When the idea of re-branding was presented to the board, serendipitously everyone felt the need for it. The open market works on the principle of ‘Survival of the Fittest’ and we weren’t ready to forsake our position in the market, and never will be, so rebranding became as inevitable as Change itself.

Tradeoff — Compensated what for what

Our decision of rebranding was certainly not haphazard. As is the case with all our decisions, we thoroughly analyzed the pros and cons of rebranding and reached the conclusion that it’s the need of the hour.

We knew that by doing the due diligence early we can set our aim correctly. Gradually we devised a ‘Game Plan’ and after 10 months of rigorous effort we built a fresh brand with values aligned with our future agendas.

U. — The center of attention!

Our company culture and vision is heavily influenced by ‘DESIGN’. Our vision demanded from us to be expressive in our approach. One big portion of our rebranding was making our brand expressive enough so that it communicated the amount of love and sincerity we have for our clients. It’s not hard to tell that in the process of our rebranding our clients were in the ultimate limelight. Our logo clearly communicates that ‘U’ are our centre of attention.


New approach

We’ve always been a user centered company but not expressive enough. With new approach we exhibit clearly our intentions with our clients. We envisage the changing technological trends and provide our clients with 10x vision of the future.

Course of action

We had a lot of fun in the process of rebranding our company. In this process we found that allowing room for ideas and being experimentative is the way to go and ideas which made us laugh actually helped us crystallize the idea.


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